Tips and Tricks

As a penny pincher and a busy mom, I work hard to save time and money any where I can.  Naturally, that doesn’t stop at my favorite thing, cake decorating.  Here, you will find my time and money saving secrets.

Easy Recipes

I am a cake decorator first, baker second.  While I didn’t grow up whipping up made-from-scratch cakes, I know what tastes good.  Here is a collection of my go-to, quick-and-easy time saving recipes that taste fantastic!  

Products & Reviews

Y’all, I love to shop!  Even more than that, I love to bargain hunt!  Nothing beats finally finding exactly what you’ve been looking for, then realizing how much money you have saved!  Here you will find all of my must have cake decorating products, some great deals, and even some product reviews.

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Kymberly Riley