9 Grocery Store Cake Makeovers

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Have you seen the trend of buying grocery store cakes and making them over? You might be wondering, why give a grocery store cake a makeover when you can make your own cake at home? I agree, I would prefer to make my own cake, but sometimes we may find ourselves pressed for time and in need of a quick cake option that still looks fabulous! And, I am here to share some grocery store cake makeovers to inspire you!

A friend and I hosted a collaboration on instagram. The idea was that we would gather a group of bakers together and we would all buy a grocery store cake or other dessert item. Then, we challenged ourselves to give the grocery store dessert a makeover. Some bakers added different toppings to their cake, some completely revamped the icing, and others changed the dessert to a completely seperate type of dessert altogether. In this post, I will share grocery store cake makeover inspiration from the amazing makeovers that some of these bakers created. If you would like to check out all of the bakes that were a part of this collaboration, you can visit the hashtag, #groceryglowup on instagram.

Title image- 9 grocery store cake makeovers
Grocery Store Cake Makeovers

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My Grocery Store Cake Makeover

birthday cake changed to a valentines cake
Cake makeover by @thrifty_cakes

I’ll start by sharing my grocery store cake makeover with you! I started with a grocery store birthday cake. It had some serious structure issues, so I had to remove all of the buttercream (to my son’s delight), level the cakes (I used an inexpensive wire cake leveler), then refrost the cakes with my own buttercream. I must say, while I wasn’t a fan of the grocery store buttercream, the chocolate cake was delicious! And it paired quite well with my own vanilla American buttercream.

For the design, I chose to go with a gray buttercream, a fuchsia concave heart, and a sprinkle arrow piercing the heart. To create the design, I first mixed my gray and fuchsia buttercream using Americolor Super Black and Americolor Fuchsia gel colors.

To create the arrow, I used a spaghetti noodle split into three pieces; both ends and the middle. Then, I coated the pieces of noodle in wafer paper glue, and then rolled them in this beautiful pixiedust sprinkle mix. After the sprinkles dried into place, I placed the noodles in a way that made them look as if the arrow pierced through the heart in two places. Finally, I finished the arrow off with a wafer paper tip and feather, then dusted them in gold luster dust.

More Grocery Store Makeovers

Red Velvet Cake to Red Velvet Glam

red velvelt cake changed to a pretty, fruit covered cake.  Fruit has gold dust
Cake Makeover by @sweet_tooth_by_drj

What I love so much about @sweet_tooth_by_drj’s makeover is how she created such a glamorous look that is simple enough, anyone can do it. According to her instagram post, she smoothed the icing, mixing the crumbs into the cream cheese frosting. Then, she added her fruit and some edible gold luster dust to a bag and shook it up creating an elegant sheen on the berries. Head to her instagram to check out more of her beautiful treats and food photography tips!

Sheet Cake to Chic Cake

Sheet cake to pretty cube cake
Cake Makeover by @cakesthatarebaked

One look at @cakesthatarebaked’s instagram page and you will know that she creates beautiful cakes. It’s no surprise that she was able to take a basic grocery store cake and turn it into this beauty. According to her instagram post, she even got this grocery store cake on sale for just $5! If that’s not a time and money saving cake, I don’t know what is!

Red Velvet Roll to Charlotte Royale

red velvet roll to Charlotte Royale
Cake Makeover by @flawforful

According to @flawforful’s instagram post, she found this red velvet roll on sale for only $3! Wow! Then, she sliced it up, lined a bowl with the slices, covered with buttercream, and filled it with a beautiful cream cheese mousse. I love how she turned a $3 roll into a gorgeous Charlotte Royale. Just look at that rich, tempting slice!

Cupcakes to Neopolitan Mini-Cake

cupcakes to miniature cake
Cake Makeover by @amyamescakes

I love how @amyamescakes not only turned these store bought cupcakes into a beautiful cake, but my favorite thing about this cake is that the design pays homage to the cupcakes’ designs. She says in her instagram post that she leveled off all of the cupcakes and stacked and iced them as a tiny cake. She even used the icing from the cupcakes and can you believe how she incorprated those little chocolate shavings into her design? It’s perfect! Head to her instagram to see the actual size of the cake.

Chocolate Cake to Chocolate Trifles

chocolate cake to chocolate trifles in wine glasses.
Cake Makeover by @waitingforblancmange

I love how @waitingforblancmange took a very basic chocolate cake and made it something classy and beautiful. These trifles look like a dessert that should be served after a nice, romantic dinner. My favorite part of this beautiful makeover is the lovely caramel topper on each trifle. She even has a fabulous blog where she shares her delicious recipes.

Chocolate Cake to Pink, Floral Beauty

This beauty by @inspiredsweetnessbyolivia is one glamorous cake! She says in her instagram post that she cut the cake into thirds, stacked it, then frosted it pink. She added bas relief gold appliques for an extra glam look. Finally, she topped the cake with beautiful florals and fans. It looks like it is headed to a fancy party and I’m loving it!

Nougat Gateau Cake to Buttercream Floral Cone

nougat gateau to cake wirh icecream cone filled with buttercream florals
Cake Makeover by @bakeology_bylasa

I love this design makeover by @bakeology_bylasa. A little re-frosting, and you have a nice clean canvas for this cake design. Next, you need an icecream cone placed delicately on the cake. Finally, pipe and place a bouquet of buttercream flowers in the perfect arrangement for this dainty look! I love that she photographed this cake with a tea pot, because it looks just perfect for a tea party.

Coffee Cake to Wedding Cake

coffee cakes to wedding cake
Cake Makeover by @weecupcakes

According to @weecupcakes, she bought these 2 coffee cakes, stacked them, and iced them. You can see that she created a lovely texture around the cake with her spatula, then added fresh flowers and a topper to create a stunning look. I especially love this design because it is so impactful, but you don’t need any special tools to create it. What a fabulous way to create a simple, elegant wedding cake without breaking the bank.

Your Turn to Join in the Grocery Store Cake Makeovers Challenge!

There are so many grocery store cake makeover ideas here. Whether you scrape the excess icing and top your cake with some glam fruit, or turn your store bought dessert into a different dessert entirely, there is something here to meet everyone’s budget, time constraints, and skill level.

Redecorating a store bought cake is a great place to start if you are a beginner looking to practice some cake decorating skills. If you are considering learning to decorate cakes, you may be interested in checking out my post on inexpensive cake decorating supplies under $25.

I hope that these lovely and impactful cake makeovers have inspired you to redecorate a store bought cake as well! I would love to see your creations! Be sure to tag me in your designs on instagram.

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  1. Great tips for turning those ‘meh’ cakes into a showstopper. Will definitely try this. Sometimes you want to decorate a cake but you just don’t have the time to bake it!

    1. Thank you! And that’s exactly right. Anything that can save me time or money is a win in my book!

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